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About Us

America is the greatest country in the world, but we have grave concerns about her future. Our children and grandchildren will not have the same opportunities that we have been blessed with if we do not address America's political decay.  We are convinced this decay is due to politicians losing sight of their mission: to represent the people.  Politicians now serve special interest groups, their party, and themselves — and that must change.

GOOOH's solution is simple: replace the politicians with 435 everyday Americans. We trust that representatives selected by their peers via the GOOOH system will serve our country better than the professional politicians obsessed with staying in power and controlled by special interest money and political parties. If we want things done differently, we must change the way we choose our representatives.

Each of the founders of GOOOH have strong (and differing) personal beliefs about how we would like to see this country run, but we have put our differences aside to create a non-partisan process that allows everyday Americans to participate - on equal terms - with the rich and powerful. We have taken money out of the equation, added accountability to the process, and given the candidate selection process back to the people.

GOOOH will appeal to the majority of our countrymen, but not everyone. It will not appeal to politicians or party loyalists - we believe that the political parties as they exist today are a big part of the problem. Nor will the system appeal to individuals that devalue the constitutional heritage that our Founding Fathers laid down for us - fringe and special interest groups are not likely to be advanced as Candidates by their district peers when their agendas are revealed in their Questionnaire answers and Selection Session interviews.

We want change. We want true representatives of the common man in office once again. We seek businessmen, teachers, pastors, architects, tradesmen, managers, policemen, theologians, engineers, farmers  and other professionals. We are searching for the modern day incarnations of Franklin, Madison and Jefferson. We are looking for men and women just like you.


Board of Directors – The Board of Directors is expected to expand before we begin our push this October. Note that all GOOOH members are volunteers; nobody on the team is paid. We will begin hiring accountants, lawyers, marketeers etc. once we begin collecting funds in earnest, but for now we are an all volunteer force.
Tim Cox – Tim is the founder of GOOOH and author of Get Out Of Our House: Revolution! He has a Computer Science degree from the University of Texas and an MBA from St. Edwards, and has spent 25 years innovating revolutionary computer systems. He lives in Liberty Hill, TX with his wife of 24 years, Donna, who teaches 4th grade. His son Ryan is a Freshman in college and his daughter, Traci, is a student at Texas A&M. Click here to view Tim's bio.
Chandar Kamalanathan – Chandar is a co-founder of GOOOH and is the Chief Technologist. He has an MS in Computer Science from Western Michigan University and has over 15 years of experience in software design and development. He lives in Austin, TX with his wife and two children.
Steve Cox – Steve is a founding member of GOOOH, and oversees the business strategy. Steve has an Accounting degree from of the University of Texas and is a graduate of the Harvard Business School. He is a CPA, Financial Planner, and Advisor to business owners, executives and their families. He has been married for twenty-three years to his wife Patrice, has three children, one in high school, one attending Washington State, and the other a recent graduate of the University of Washington. 
Other Founding Members
Eric Wooten - Eric is a co-founder of GOOOH and advises with the organization's technology strategy. He has a Bachelor's degree from East Tennessee State University and attended the Masters program at Trinity International University. Eric has 15 years experience building and deploying innovative business solutions for enterprise-class organizations such as Dell and others, and is the founder and CTO/COO of an internet startup. He lives in Georgetown, TX with his wife and four children.
Chris Ramirez – Chris is a founding member of GOOOH. He has a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Texas and an MBA from St. Edward’s University. He has spent the last 9 years working at Dell, and resides with his wife, Angela, in Cedar Park, Texas.
Bogdan Odulinski – Bogdan is a founding member of GOOOH. He has a Bachelor's degree in Management Information Systems from McGill University in Montreal, Canada.  He spent 10 years working in New York City as a consultant to Fortune 500 companies, and currently works for Dell. He is a patriot with a passion for all that represents America, freedom, and democracy.
Reva Tolliver – Reva is a founding member of GOOOH. She has a Computer Science Degree from Southern University, an MBA from St. Edwards, and is PMP certified. She has over 10 years of experience in technology and is currently a Program Manager at Manhattan Associates in Atlanta Georgia.

Jay Schutawie - Jay is a founding member of GOOOH and an editor of Get Out Of Our House: Revolution! He has a Computer Science degree from the University of Miami and has spent the last 25 years working as a software engineer and project manager. Jay is a native of Pennsylvania and currently resides in Austin, Texas.

Brad Hill – Brad is a founding member of GOOOH and a key employee of Avenue A – Razorfish. He is a graduate of the University of Texas, and lives in Austin with his wife and two children.

Kannan Kaliyur – Kannan is a founding member of GOOOH, the President of Connecttel, and the president-elect of TIECon (Austin-based entrepreneur organization). Before founding Connecttel he worked at Wayne-Dresser. He is married and has two children. 

Micah Wiseley – Micah is a founding member of GOOOH and member of the GOOOH technical team. He is a Software Development Manager for a Fortune 50 company where he has worked for the past ten years. He currently resides in Pflugerville, TX with his wife of 13 years, Karie, whom he met while serving in the United States Marine Corps, and their two children Korin (11) and Brodie (5).
Kent Nagase – Kent is a founding member of GOOOH and a member of the GOOOH Technical Team. He is dedicated to following vegan philosophy and has over 13 years experience in software development and product management.  He lives in Cedar Park, TX with his wife Amy, son Xavier (12) and daughter Jade(8).

Question Committee

The Question Committee is responsible for evaluating suggested changes to the Candidate Questionnaire and the Screening Exam. Committee members serve terms of varying length, and will be considered for renewal when their terms expire along with those who have volunteered to serve. Our intention is to keep a mix of experienced and new members on the Committee.

Kathryn Wilson is a former mediator with a Masters Degree in Organizational Psychology from Antioch Seattle. She had a short stint as a Federal investigator with the EEOC which she left for a lower paying but more rewarding job with a non-profit dispute resolution center in North Carolina. Since coming to Texas she has concentrated on writing a novel based partly on her experience living in Bolivia for a year. She lives with her husband, Ron, in Liberty Hill, Texas.

Wade Strong is a Licensed Professional Engineer with a BS in Civil Engineering from Texas A&M University. He has designed and planned highways in Texas for the past 26 years. He and his wife, Denise, along with son, Casey, live in Austin. Daughter, Cara, is a student at Texas A&M.

Shawn Roberts has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management from the University of Phoenix. She has been in the high-tech industry for the past 17 years and is a Program Manager for a major semiconductor company. She lives in Liberty Hill, TX with her husband of 20 years and her two children, Ty and Taylor.

Steve Armbruster is a 35 year old former Marine and the co-owner of a construction company in the Austin area. He is currently serving as a precinct chair in Round Rock educating and registering voters, and has lived in Austin, Texas with his wife and two kids for the last 13 years.

Roger Bjork has a BSCS degree from Texas A&M University, with a Minor in Industrial Engineering He has been in the high tech industry for 28 years, and is currently working for a large computer and consumer electronics company in central Texas. Roger lives with his wife of 28 years, Julia, in Round Rock, Texas.

Renee Glazer has been a Paralegal for the past 19 years and presently works for the law firm of Gauntt, Earl & Binney, LLP in The Woodlands, Texas predominantly in estate planning. She was previously employed in the legal departments of Compaq Computer Corporation, Tricon Global Restaurants (Pizza Hut, Taco Bell & KFC), ServiceMaster Companies and Wolff Ardis Law Firm, where she held numerous legal positions. She lives in The Woodlands, Texas with her husband Steve, who is a gemologist at Donohos Jewellers in The Woodlands, and their dog, Hootie.

Active members of GOOOH who would like to be considered for the Question Committee should send a note to