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Promote GOOOH In Your Area!

There are many things you can do to help get the word out about GOOOH. Here are a few ideas, but please don't limit yourself to our suggestions:

  1. Use our "Tell-A-Friend" feature: Do your friends and co-workers know about GOOOH yet?
  2. Hand out GOOOH Business Cards, Flyers, Handouts and Postcards. Distribute them while shopping. Leave a stack at your local restaurant checkout counter. Place them under windshield wipers - you get the idea!
  3. Hold a Mock Selection Session with your friends - a great way to have a fun evening, introduce people to GOOOH, and learn a lot about each other! All it takes is a couple of hours, groups of 6, some good food, and our simple Instructions, Scorecard, and Voting Sheet.
  4. Help organize initiatives in your State - contact your State Leader and volunteer to lend a hand!
  5. Present GOOOH at your next social event using our GOOOH Overview Presentation or the inspiring "7 Minute Crowd Speech"
  6. Contact your local talk radio station: Ask the host to set up an interview with one of the GOOOH Founders.
  7. Schedule an appearance by a GOOOH team member: If you have an event that you'd like one of the GOOOH team to appear at, we'll do our best to be there.  Please make every effort to make the time and expense on our part worthwhile by gathering as many people as you can to attend (hundreds, hopefully!).
  8. Tell your online friends about GOOOH's Facebook Groups and Twitter Feed and ask them to join us!

Be creative. There are a thousand other ways you can advance the revolution!

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