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Congressional Dissatisfaction

Congressional Review

  • Find your Congressman and District
  • Truth in Accounting - The truth about government spending
  • Flip Congress 2010 - Reseach Congressional voting records
  • Project Vote Smart - Extensive non-partisan information on elected officials' voting records and candidates' positions
  • - The Federal Elections Commission home page with daily news on the results of their oversight activities.
  • - Committee on House Administration.  This is the "HR" site for House members, and includes lots of interesting information such as a staggering list of reimbursable expenditures.
  • - Tracks congressional salaries, trip expenditures, and legislative activity.
  • - Tracks the relationship between special interest group money, bills, and the US Congressmen that sponsored them.
  • - See who’s giving money, even down to your zip code, and who they gave it to.
  • - Focusing on the donations given at the state Congressional level.
  • - Not only can you see how much a candidate has spent, but how much money they have on hand and what what their odds of winning look like.
  • - Look up any member of Congress and see how their funds were gathered: personal funds, personal donations, and more.

Issues / Party Information / Education

  • FairTax Nation - Focused on the FairTax
  • Constitution Education Foundation - Restoration Through Education
  • FairTax - Americans for Fair Taxation - Replace the Federal Income Tax System
  • National Council of Americans - Educating Americans on the words of our Founding Fathers
  • Tenth Amendment Center - Working to protect State Rights
  • Fix The U.S.A. - Repeal the 17th Amendment
  • National States Rights Coalition - Non-partisan effort to restore State's Rights and repeal the 17th Amendment
  • - Legislative information freely available to the public through the Library of Congress covering all aspects of Congressional activity.
  • - Outstanding website that allows you to vote in a thumbs up/down manner on various bills, send your votes to your officials, and discuss your opinions with the Govit community.
  • - Allows you to compose a single letter, and, with a few clicks, send it to every official that represents you. Sends letters free of charge to your officials' email boxes and fax machines.
  • - Political clearinghouse with a thorough list and description of major and minor political parties.
  • - Link list and newsfeed aggregator focusing on third parties.
  • - Centralized news source and online community focused entirely on minor party politics.
  • - Look up any candidate, down to state, and see where they stand on a multitude of issues and how they’ve voted.
  • - Shows you campaign contributions, compares the candidates on the issues in a simplified grid format and more.
  • - Attempts to give you a visual image of how the blogosphere is reacting to the issues.
  • SpeakOut. com - Tracking all the candidates and the issues that will shape this election cycle.
  • SelectSmart Presidential Candidate Comparison - Choose one candidate from each column, and get a side-by-side comparison of their information.
  • Stateline - A collection of blogs from across the country that attempts to paint a picture of the national political climate.
  • Fair Vote - Leading national advocate for election process reform with a focus on Instant Runoff Voting.
  • Athen's Brigade - Focused on voter registration and fair elections.

Ballot Access

  • - Newsletter and blog of Richard Winger, a leading expert on ballot access in the United States.
  • Free and Equal - Advocates fair ballot access for all candidates.