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Reasons to Join

Your country needs you.
If you believe that America is the greatest country in the world, but you have concerns about her future, joining GOOOH empowers you to participate in setting the course of this country.

You want representatives to serve based on their own principles, not party affiliation.
GOOOH does not define (or have) a platform. It allows elected candidates to represent their district's interests unencumbered by partisan politics. Candidates will define their own platform by filling out the Candidate Questionnaire.

You want representatives who are not influenced by money.
Selected candidates will be funded by GOOOH using the $100 contributions of all participants. Therefore, GOOOH representatives will not be tainted by special interest money as described on the Candidate Selection Sessions page.

You want representatives to serve free of re-election concerns.
GOOOH candidates are required to sign a legal contract agreeing to run for no more than two, 2-year terms. They will therefore spend their time representing their district and developing legislation - not fund-raising (or pandering) for the next election.

You want representatives who are accountable and transparent.
GOOOH representatives will keep their promises because they will have signed a legal contract promising to resign from office if they do not vote according to their Questionnaire responses.

You want to directly participate in choosing who gets put on the ballot in your district.
GOOOH candidates are selected by their district peers based on the merits of their personal platform (their Questionnaire responses) and whatever other traits their Selection Session peers deem important.

You want to become a U.S. Representative.
All you need to do is document how you will vote, commit to voting that way, pass the Screening Exam, and support the system with a $100 donation. Your peers will determine if you are the best person to be placed on the ballot in your district (see the How The Process Works page).

You want your children and grandchildren to have the same (or better) opportunities that we have been blessed with.
If you are concerned that future generations will not have our same opportunities because politicians now serve special interest groups, their party, and themselves - rather than their constituents - joining GOOOH enables you to be part of the solving the problem.