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Keys To Success

Enter early

If there was ever a time to be an early adopter, this is it. Our founders were brave patriots who risked everything. The stakes are nowhere near as high for us personally, but they are just as grave and every bit as important. This revolution needs you, and it needs you now. If you haven't already done so, go ahead and complete the six steps necessary to register for a Candidate Selection Session.

Tell as many people as you can

To succeed, we need the support of tens of millions of people. This system will work, but only if we can gain the consensus of America. To get that consensus, we need every patriot in America to take action. Click here to tell a friend about GOOOH.

Convince your friends to participate

Convince your friends to participate in a Candidate Selection Session. Do not view this as competition. One of the more difficult challenges we will have is getting everyone to understand and agree that this is not a competition.  As Americans, we have been programmed to win at all costs. One of the more difficult challenges is going to be for GOOOH members to band together and remember that the competition is the politicians, not each other.

Give your time

For GOOOH to succeed, we need the support of millions. Spend every free moment you have e-mailing friends, joining forums, posting on blogs, and talking with every person who crosses your path about GOOOH. Do not be shy - there is no time like the present. Speak up!

Contribute to the cause

The two parties will collect and spend over a billion dollars to get their political puppets elected next year. We must raise money to compete, but we are going to do it in an honorable way. For some, giving $100 will be plenty, but for others, particularly those of us who have benefited from this great country, we can give more. Consider the state of our nation. Consider the future of our children. Is there anything more important? Click here to make a donation.

Reaching Critical Mass

It is imperative that we have a half a million or more active supporters to make a serious run for all 435 seats. Our initial effort in 2008 fell short, but we have established a strong base which we will continue to expand. We will try again in 2010, and while we believe our odds will be significantly higher, it will ultimately be up to everyday Americans just like you to inform your fellow patriots and help us ensure we get the participation we need. We have built the system and will continue to do what we can to reach critical mass, but we are dependent on you doing your part. If you will make it a point to tell every person you know about GOOOH, we will, in time, have the membership needed to succeed.