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Roles You Can Fill


We are currently seeking volunteers in the following areas:

  • Local GOOOH Champions - help promote GOOOH in your area with these great ideas!
  • State Initiative Organizers - contact your State Coordinator and volunteer to lend a hand!
  • Professional Services - please send us your resume if you would like to donate your time and skills in any of the following areas.
    • Campaign Law - ballot access, finance, House/Constitutional procedure
    • Marketing / Brand Mgt - strategy, guerilla/viral advertising, analytics
    • Video Production - end-to-end creation of online video promos
    • Graphic Artist / User Experience Design - web/print design, usability
    • .NET/DB Developer - DB integration, Business Logic
    • Technical Writer - content, proofing/editing, training collateral

Candidate Selection Session Participant

Candidates will compete in the Selection Sessions to become the GOOOH Congressional Candidate for their congressional district.  If they are selected by their district's Selection Session peers, they will advance to the next selection round. After several rounds, winners will be chosen by the session finalists in each district. Winners will become their district's GOOOH Congressional Candidate, and will compete in the national elections against the Republican and Democrat challengers for that district's congressional seat.  The national election campaign for all 435 GOOOH Congressional Candidates (one from each district) will be fully funded by GOOOH.  If they win the national election against their Republican or Democrat competitors, they will become one of the first GOOOH Congressmen - true representatives of the people, and accountable to the people!

If a person wishes to participate in a Candidate Selection Session only for the sake of voting for their district's Candidate (i.e. they don't want to win and run for Congress), they must still register to attend and participate in Selection Sessions in the same manner as Candidates. If they are not selected to advance to the next Candidate Selection Session round, they are eliminated from both the selection and voting process.  In other words, a person may only cast a vote for their favorite Candidate in the Selection Session round they qualify for.

Click here to view the six Candidate Selection Session registration steps.

Community Leader

GOOOH needs local champions to help lead events (like Meetups), organize GOOOH speaker engagements, coordinate 'spread the word' efforts, and just generally lend a hand.  Send a note to the GOOOH Community Leader Mailbox if you'd like to help us get the word out about GOOOH.


Schools, businesses, churches and other organizations that have large facilities make great host locations for Candidate Selection Sessions. Send a note to the GOOOH Host Mailbox if you're interested in hosting a selection session.


Candidate Selection Sessions will run more smoothly if a moderator is available to lead the day’s activities. Those wishing to serve as a moderator should send a note to the GOOOH Moderator Mailbox for more information.