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How The Process Works 

Members will have until three days before the Selection process in their state begins to finalize their information. Completing the six Candidate Selection Session registration steps (step six will be activated soon). Once the deadline has been reached, all candidates will follow the process summarized below, with one person in each of the 435 congressional districts ultimately bubbling to the top of the system as their district's nominee.

  1. Candidates will be randomly assigned into pools of 8-10 participants within their congressional district. There will be as many pools as are needed in each district.
  2. Pools will meet simultaneously at predetermined locations across the country on consecutive Saturday mornings.  Sessions will generally start at 9 AM and last 2 - 3 hours.
  3. Each pool of participants will select two candidates to advance to the next round, via the GOOOH Selection Session process (more details are available throughout this Web site and in the book).
  4. Advancing candidates will be randomly assigned into a new pool within their district. Steps 2 and 3 will repeat until there are only ten candidates remaining in each district.
  5. If there are 1,250 participants, there will be four rounds. The actual number will be determined based upon the number of participants in each district. There will be a maximum of eight rounds, though three to six are more likely.
  6. Before the final round, we are considering having the finalists participate in a weekend retreat to ensure they fully understand how the final selection round will work and to ensure they are committed to representing their district if selected. Details will be determined as the time nears.
  7. The final ten candidates in each of the districts will select a single nominee to represent their district.
  8. It is suggested that the nominees compete in the primaries against the incumbent.
  9. We will guide each candidate through the campaign, helping with ballot access, FEC filing, web site creation, training, materials, etc. Each candidate will drive their own campaign, but we'll be there to assist. We intend to provide all necessary funding, assuming we have enough donating members to do so.