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Candidate Selection Sessions

Candidate Selection Sessions are the heart of the GOOOH process to take back our House of Representatives.  There are six things you must do if you wish to participate in a GOOOH Candidate Selection Session:

  1. Become a GOOOH member.
  2. Pass the Candidate Screening Exam, ensuring you meet all of the Federal requirements to run for Congress (citizenship, age, etc.), as well as the GOOOH system prerequisites (not a politician or member of a political family, etc). 
  3. Complete the Candidate Questionnaire in order to document your opinions on the issues. There are no "correct" responses, but all questions require a for/against answer to indicate which side of an issue you gravitate toward. Here are a few sample questions:
    • Will you vote for or against a presidential line item veto?
    • Will you vote for or against term limits of four years (two terms) or less for seats in the U.S. House of Representatives?
    • Will you vote for or against replacing the current tax system with the FairTax as proposed by Linder and Boortz?
  4. Sign the Commitment Letter confirming you will vote according to your Questionnaire answers and not accept special interest group money should you be selected as the GOOOH candidate for your district - or resign from office in 72 hours if you break your commitment. 
  5. Donate at least $100 to the GOOOH campaign fund. This fund will finance the national campaign of the 435 Candidate Selection Session finalists, as well as cover all marketing / administrative costs.
  6. Finalize and lock your Candidate Questionnaire answers, and register for a Candidate Selection Session in your congressional district.  Completing this final step will not be available until April.

That's it. You may need to spend some time studying up on the issues in order to have an informed stance on a few Questionnaire answers, but we suspect you already know exactly how you would vote on most of them. The intent of this system is for representatives to run based on what they truly believe, not how focus groups or surveys or their parties have told them to answer. The most important thing to remember is that candidates will be bound to vote in accordance with their answers. All GOOOH candidates must document their views BEFORE the candidate selection process begins. There will not be an opportunity to say one thing to get selected, then do the opposite once in office.

The most common question about the six steps centers on why a minimum donation of $100 is required to participate in a Candidate Selection Session. Some even argue it is not fair to the poor. Here is our response:

  1. We must raise money to compete with the politicians. The Republicans and Democrats will each spend over $500 million on their campaigns. We do not need that much money, but we do need enough to educate the public on what we are doing. We believe if every Candidate Selection Session participant will donate $100 we will raise sufficient funds to launch a world-class national campaign for all 435 of our candidates.
  2. The $100 donation is felt to be a reasonable hurdle that will eliminate participants who are not serious about the effort.
  3. Candidates are competing for a job that will pay $168,000 per year. If someone does not have the ability to raise $100 from family, friends or a side job, it is unlikely they are qualified to represent their district as a US Congressman. If someone is not willing to support the system with a minimum $100 donation, we do not consider them committed to the process.
  4. We request you make your donation early. This will provide funds for early stage marketing efforts and minimize complications associated with last minute submissions. Donations must be received NO LATER THAN two weeks prior to the initial Candidate Selection Session and we must be able to associate the money with the candidate. 
  5. We understand that some people may not wish to submit their donation online, so we do accept payment via standard mail (click the Donate tab for more info). If you submit the donation via standard mail, you must additionally provide your email address and Candidate ID - assigned when you become a member.